Run For Recovery Race Committee Information Page


I will post information that you may find useful along the way here that you can refer back to.   First item is going to be the Registration tracker.

What I have done is to set up a table that will compare this year’s registration with where we were at the same number of days out from the 2021 event and the 2019 event.   In each column the first number listed is the number of registrations recieved on that day followed by the grand total the same number of days out in the red.


As you can see when the 2021 event was cancelled due to the omicron surge, we had actually matched registration pace from 2019.   The chart does not reflect registrations recieved in person the day before the 2019 event and the day of the 2019 event.



Also here is the link to the 2019 results.  2019 RUN FOR RECOVERY RESULTS  When you have a chance please take a look at them and dare we set a goal of trying to match or exceed the total runners and walkers who participated?   That magic number is 81 with 64 in the 5K and 17 in the 2K!