Find My Race – A simple and cost effective way to increase your race registration!

What is   We offer race directors & race organizers a simple, quick and inexpensive way to get runners to your event.

How do we do this?  We create and maintain a unique web “address” to your event.  This new web address will be a very easy way for your runners & walkers to remember and find your event web page, facebook event or registration site.  We provide you with use of the new .run address domain.  Example: is also a great way to get your race “brand” out into the running community as you can use it on all your digital,  print and social media marketing!    After we create it,  we can point the new address to any web page, facebook page/event,  race timing or registration service that you use.  (,  RaceRoster, Hermes,  Western Reserve Racing,  Ritchies Racing,  Enmotive,,, Event Brite,  etc.)

It’s a no muss, no fuss inexpensive service that we provide.  We do all the “tech geek” work for you!  All you do is choose your name and we handle domain name registration and all of the follow up domain name redirects etc.   Please note we are not creating or maintaining web pages,  just unique web addresses that are “redirects” which means it will take the runner to your already existing web page or race registration service.  If you do not have an event web page we would be happy to offer you a simple sub page on our web site for a additional modest fee.

So, Who Else Is Using This Service That You Provide?  Here are a few of them to check out:


So how long does it take to set up this service? It’s quick service!   Once you have provided us with your event name and where the new address will point to it can all be done, up and running…. THE SAME DAY!

How to make it happen and what does it cost?  It is very easy.  Just send us the requested information and we will set up your new race web address and it will start working today, no money upfront!  We will send you an invoice for $55.00 which covers the first year of service. We ask you pay within 15 days to keep the address “live”.    If you want to keep use of this address beyond the first year the “renewal” rate is reduced to $40.00.

OK,  Let’s Do This…  Please fill out the form below.  Once we get your information we will get the new race web address created and up and running for you!   Questions before you fill out the form?  Shoot them to – Request For Service

Please fill out all fields as completely as possible.  Thanks much!