Timing Chips

Reusable Chip Shoe Tags-provided to the runners when they pick up their packets..  Participants, at that time,  are then provided “education” on how to properly wear the tag (on top of shoe attached with provided twist ties) and return it after the event.  This would include oral and written instructions.  Requires volunteers at the finish line to assist with the return of the reusable timing chips.  A “corral” is created at the finish line that requires the runners to remove their chip before they are able to exit the corral.   The use of the reuseable timing chip is the most cost effective as they are provided FREE of charge.  The only “downside” is that we have to use the extra volunteers to assist with the post race collection so that runners don’t accidentally leave with them.  🙂


Disposable Chip Vinyl Bib Tags are attached to the back of the participants Bib number by the Timer.   Education is provided to the individual on how to handle the bibs pre-race to promote a successful read as they cross the finish line.   The disposable timing chips are great due to the convenience of not having to collect them back from the runners and not as many volunteers needed to assist with that process.   The “downside” is the cost which is $1.47 per bib.  The prices have increased since the above table was created.