What is Team Carpenter? We are a faith based group committed to fulfilling our mission of spreading the “good news” of Jesus through healthy, character building and fun family oriented sports, recreation and wellness programs. We also provide free race timing and event management for organizations that are serving those in need.  We don’t preach, we just “act” like Christians.  We are open to anyone of any faith….you don’t have to be a Christian…. we would love to share the joy of being active and living a healthy lifestyle with you and your family!!!

Nobody wins unless everybody wins….

“Nobody wins unless everybody wins”…….It’s actually something that Bruce Springsteen said just prior to performing a concert version of his song Born To Run.

We teach our youth athletes that we all are created differently and perfectly by God.  We set personal goals and work hard (with our team mates) using our God given gifts to achieve them.



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